When someone is described as being ‘all over the place’, it often has a lot of negative connotations.  When you search for a definition of the phrase, Collins English Dictionary define it as the following;

“If you say that someone is all over the place, you mean that they are confused or disorganised and unable to think clearly or act properly.”

Yet isn’t the world and often life a little ‘all over the place’?

So this is my blog. An account of me.

Someone who aims to live and travel ‘all over the place’,

but whose head can be sometimes be a little ‘all over the place’ too.

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So as I use this blog to recount;

  • the incredible places I go and the little gems I find in them,
  • the highs and lows of living abroad,
  • the journey to pursue a career in the creative industries and to prove that a drama degree isn’t useless,


  • the struggle with anxiety but how I’ve tackled it (so far!),

you may find that this blog will be a little ‘all over the place’ too…

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