Words to get you through #2

Last week I was sent a little parcel by my wonderful Mama (big shout out to Shirl!)

It came at the perfect time. I had lots going on in my mind, trying to get stuff done at work and figuring out what I am going to realistically and affordably be able to do this summer. Yet, when it arrived she managed to put a huge smile on my face without even being there. (Why are Mums just so good at that?!)

Where does she find these things?!

Inside was a pencil with a princess on top. Of course. What twenty two year old doesn’t need one of those?! However it was the card that really got to me. On the front read the words:

“I’m so proud of you. You’ve achieved so much and come so far. Determined to be even better than who you are. You’ve worked so hard with your goals in mind. Leaving doubts and fears behind. There’s so much I admire about you – I think you’re amazing and I’m so proud too!”

It was the cutest card I’ve ever seen, and who knows where she finds these, but inside were her hand written words I needed to hear right in that moment:

Mamas words.png

It was like she was right there giving me a little pep talk and in that moment it was was her beautiful, hand written words that got me through.

So if you are feeling a bit down and need a little boost, maybe this can inspire you too.


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