The best burger of my life!


Since moving to Vienna, I’ve been trying many different brunch places. There are so options, however what I haven’t really tried are some of the many, many restaurants in this wonderful city. It’s not unknown that Vienna, especially the nearer to the centre you go, can a bit on the pricey side.

However, I noticed this really cool looking restaurant called ‘Said the butcher to the cow’ and I added it to the mental list of ‘cool food and drinks places to try out in Vienna.’ It’s on Opernring 11, about a 10 minute tram ride from Schottentor and it’s famous for being a burger, cheesecake and gin restaurant. Literally, what more could you want from life?!

So finally we decided to give it a go and boy was it worth it!

Firstly, their gin and tonic selection was about as long as my arm. I knew this was my kind of place! I had the Blue Gin (Austrian Dry Gin) with the Thomas Henry grapefruit Tonic. It was strong and cool – the perfect way to start the weekend on what felt like the hottest day of the year so far.

Secondly, I decided to have the bacon and cheeseburger with a caeser salad side and when I ordered it they asked me how I wanted it cooked. Now, when it comes to steaks I like them rare and to be asked how I wanted my burger cooked made me so happy – there’s nothing worse than a dry burger that’s been (essentially) char-grilled. Here they pride themselves on high quality meat and this was not hard to tell when it was served.

The cheese and bacon burger.                                                                              Photo courtesy of the ‘Said the butcher to the cow’ website  

Thirdly, the plates! I’m big on presentation and this delicious food was served on dishes that were made to look like paper take-out plates. Is it weird that I was considering putting my side dish plate in my bag to take home?

Lastly, the cheesecake. The Oreo cheesecake complete with a little bowl of popping candy for hours of fun. Okay well maybe more like five minutes because I ate it, but you get the idea (of a twenty two year old eating popping candy and finding it just as hilarious as if she’d been five and trying it for the first time.) The cheesecake itself was delightful. The best mix of Vanilla and Oreo, all in a perfect sized piece. (It pains me when I can’t finish dessert. I feel like I’ve failed.)

PLUS! It wasn’t actually too pricey. Unfortunately the prices are not on their online menu so it was hard to judge in advance whether it was going to break the bank or not, but for the amount of food and the quality of it, I think it was very reasonable.

All the details can be found on the ‘said the butcher to the cow’ website. 


*The restaurant’s caption which can be found on it’s menus and place mats.

The images found throughout this blog post are courtesy of the ‘Said the butcher to the cow’ website which can be found by clicking the link above.

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