A little update…

So it seems a little strange to be posting about updates when I’m barely just beginning. As I work full time, it is not possible for me to keep to set days in terms of when I post. To be honest, I like to write at my leisure anyway because I don’t just want to post anything for the sake of keeping to a set schedule. However, I do want to start a few regular features on here that will crop up on here occasionally.

These will include:

Words to get you through

Often I see quotes posted on various books, blogs and Instagram pages which I have been affected by. However, I find it even more inspiring if I know the story behind them or hear that others have been affected by them too. So this feature will include everything from quotes, talks and videos that have provided advice, inspired or uplifted me in times of anxiety, stress or on those days that I did not know what to do with myself.  Yet it will also highlight why these words were so useful to me at that particular point in my life in order to give them a greater context and hopefully encourage you to use them too. I have already published two ‘Words to get you through’ posts so far, so I suggest you check them out if you haven’t already!



Has it been that long?

This feature will be the place where I will look back on a particular point in my life in order to see just how far I have come. This will include events, travel adventures and even times of great stress and anxiety. This will be appearing on the blog shortly in which I reflect on my first year of living abroad.



The last regular feature (for now!) to appear on the blog will be:

A token of appreciation

This feature will be the place I go in order to say ‘thanks’ to those people that have helped me in some way. It might be to a friend or family member that have got me through some of the bad times, someone that has helped me along my creative journey or for people that have provided advice and support when it comes to travel or living abroad.

A token ofappreciation

So that’s it! Again, these features will not be set to a specific schedule. They’ll just crop up as and when appropriate, but I have some ideas ready for each of them so you should see a few very soon!

Thanks for all the likes, follows and kind feedback so far. It means a lot and it is this kind of encouragement that keeps me going.

All my love,



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