10 things to be happy and positive about – September edition

September. So far it’s been manic; work, new German lessons, preparing for the after school club that I run, oh and trying to keep in contact with loved ones to let them know I’m alive. I feel like I’ve barely had a second to breathe and sometimes when it feels as if everything’s getting a bit too much, it’s hard to see how much you might have achieved or even just how many positive things have happened to you. So every month, I am going to try to complete a list of ten happy or positive things that have lifted my spirits and who knows, maybe this will be the start of my first ever scheduled feature on this blog. (Once a month is doable right!?)

So here goes:

10 things to happy and positive about – September.

  1. It’s officially autumn! I love everything about this season; the winter woolens, it’s not too hot or too cold, Halloween is slowly approaching (and it’s too long now until Christmas!) and pumpkin spiced everything is back!
  2. I’ve started to make travel plans with my besties for future trips. Long distance friendships are hard, but a quick message to say “How do you feel about a weekend in Amsterdam next year?” that spirals into a full blown research project of itineraries and flight costs, makes the distance not seem quite so bad.
  3. My beautiful Nan is getting better. She was quite poorly for a while and it was a worrying time, particularly when I was going to be returning to Vienna again. Now, she seems to be back to her usual chatty, sociable and crazy self. She’s driving again, going to various social occasions and we’re back to our usual Skype chats (where she forgets there’s a time delay and we end up just talking over each other, or when she moves the screen thinking it’ll move me…)
  4. I found the most awesome Spotify playlist called Songs for September which is a beautiful, mellow playlist for Autumn, complete with some brilliant indie/folk tunes. It can also be found on Youtube by clicking here.
  5. I caught up with the always delightful Holly Kooi and chatted about her new venture, UShine Vienna. This hopes to shine a light on the issues of mental health and offer education and awareness through seminars, group discussions and training in Vienna and I hope to be a part of her new adventure in any way that I can. U!Shine Comes to Vienna! – holly kooi
  6. I turned 23 this month! I finally got to celebrate with some awesome ladies on Friday (just 2 weeks late!) and although I was super anxious before going out (as there was going to be quite a few new faces), I powered through and actually had a really great night.
  7. I’ve started German lessons at Pizzera Sprachakademie in Vienna. It’s an immersive lesson, which is great as it means I am hearing the language constantly throughout the lesson. However at Pizzera Sprachakademie, it’s also supposed to feel like fun. The environment is more of a home than a classroom and there are no major tests or exams which is just what I wanted.
  8. I have some wonderful people in my life that might be hundreds or thousands of miles away, but will know exactly how to react when I tell them I’m feeling crappy. This should really be on every month’s list, but I am especially grateful for them in the last few days.
  9. I’ve just discovered Hannah Gale‘s blog and it’s got all the advice that I need. She discusses everything from travel, beauty and mental health, including ‘Everything you need to tackle a really bad day’ and ‘Knowing your own mental illness warning signs.’ I especially love all of her posts about being in your twenties, because besides being very relevant to me right now (obvs), it’s the advice I need without feeling like I’m being talked down to.
  10. I forget how much I love giving gifts to people. I love thinking about what they might like and wrapping it. I found a cute little something to cheer up a family member this month and it made me happy just to know that it cheered her up just a little.


So that’s it.

I’m not going to lie, that was really easy to do for the first few but I did have to sit and think about what I could write nearer the end. This month has had a few ups and downs and there’s just no way to avoid that. Yet hopefully by being able to reflect on the good in each month rather than the bad, then everything might become a little more positive overall.

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