Words to get you through #3

So my third quote for ‘words to get your through’ is one that is very prominent for me right now.

Bill Gates once said

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

However, I really like this slightly altered version:


Recently I have been struggling with the constant fear of being unproductive. As well as working I am taking German lessons for which I have homework, I also am trying to keep up with a few online courses which I thought last year would be a good idea to keep me busy (and which I now have no time for!), I want to keep this blog updated fairly regularly and at the same time want to get out into Vienna and see more of this beautiful city. Then there’s literally scheduling in Skype chats to loved ones.

When the going gets rough, something’s always got to give. Whilst I am pretty good at priorisiting what needs to get done in a day; work comes first, then German practise and homework and unfortunately the blog regularly comes last. However, I often forget to factor in aspects such as sleep and health. This means that I will power struggle through trying to complete a task, even if I am desperate to sleep or just need a break. I don’t want to have to move it to tomorrow’s to do list, but doing so is often to the detriment of a) my health and getting a good, restful nights sleep and b) my sanity! Sometimes I even need to a day to do nothing in order to get my energy levels back up again, but I am absolutely terrible at this and will end up finding something to do that probably wasn’t on the do list in the first place. AHHH!

When it come to underestimating what I can do in my whole life; I realise that getting where you want to go takes time, but often it’s hard to work out just how much time. Sometimes I think to myself, I am almost 25, what should I be doing by this point? Then I give myself a pep talk and remind myself that I have just turned 23. That’s still two years off, practically 700 days away, and when I think about all that I have done in the last two years, it worries me less. So yes, come January when I have to start thinking about where I will when this year’s contract is up, there’s probably going to be more than a few mental breakdowns, but I’ll work it out eventually. I always do.


So what did these words remind me?

Stop worrying too much about the future and live in the now. If, in the now, you are overly tired or full of the cold and need to take break, then take a bloody break. Yes, there are things you have to get done, but I bet you there are also things on that to do list of yours that also don’t necessarily need to be completed today, or even this week. Productivity is great, but you know what makes it better? Prioritising your productivity. Do what needs to be done at a good standard, even if the thing that needs to be done is taking a nap. Being tired doesn’t help you to make good decisions, good creative output or even just good conversation. Number that to do list of yours in order of importance and realise that maybe only the first two tasks need to completed today. Anything extra is a bonus and that will always make you feel better to know that you achieved more than you expected of yourself for that day.

Image result for focus on being productive instead of busy

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