10 things to be happy and positive about – November edition

So yes, late again but stupidly only because I had it in my head that November had 31 days, not 30. I know, what an idiot right, I mean they teach you the month song in primary school; 30 days has September, April, June and NOVEMBER…

Anyway, moving on because November has been BUSY! So here are my 10 things to be happy and positive about this month (and boy was this easy to write!)

  1. November 5th in the UK is Guy Fawkes day/Bonfire Night. Traditionally we would build a giant bonfire and make a fake ‘Guy’ and throw him on the bonfire. It’s a tradition that has been celebrated for years after Guy Fawkes unsuccessfully tried to blow up parliament in 1605. Obviously with this being a British tradition it is not celebrated in Vienna, however here at the school we try to celebrate as many different cultural holidays as possible so all the boarders wrapped up warm and we had stew by our small log fire which we then roasted marshmallows over. Not quite like at home, but it felt nice to see pictures of bonfire night from my friends and family in the UK and be able to show them how I celebrated it too.

    Toasting marshmallows over our “bonfire”
  2. They say money can’t buy happiness, but you can purchase flights and I have now booked mine home for Christmas. Plus I’m super excited that we are spending it in the south of England with my Grandparents in the cutest little house you’ll ever see. (I’m just imagining it now with fairy lights and a Christmas tree!)
  3. Murder on the Orient Express arrived at the cinemas this month (well, it arrived at the one here in Vienna at least – I think we’re a bit behind on the release dates!). It was amazing and one of the best films I have seen in a while. The cast was incredible and it was not hard to see where the budget was spent. A must see in the upcoming month for anyone that hasn’t yet had the pleasure.
  4. During the last weekend in November I flew back to the UK to celebrate my cousin’s wedding. It was an awesome day, but what was so special was that I saw family I don’t get to see very often since they are so far spread across the country and I am now here in Vienna. It gave everyone a chance to catch up with what was going on in each other’s lives and have a laugh over old memories. (We won’t mention the stomach bug that most of us caught the day after the wedding – that’s another story!)

    Reunited on the dance floor with my brother and some of my favourite cousins
  5. Speaking of weddings; there’s going to be anther royal wedding! I know this is sad and a lot can be said for how much money is spent on these occasions, but at the same time I remember the last royal wedding and sitting in the school theatre in my Grandmother’s wedding hat with the rest of my school. I remember how awesome the day was and how excited people were for it. Plus love is always a great thing to be happy about. (I think I just choked on my own vomit that sentence was so disgustingly cheesy.)

    How amazing is this collage though?!
  6. I started doing yoga this month. I might have the balance of an elephant on an exercise ball, but so far I’m really enjoying it. It’s entirely different to the other exercise class I do which is so fast paced. As much as I can feel my muscles stretching, I also find it extremely calming and it has been a great addition to my crazy schedule.
  7. With it being the festive season and me being a Christmas fanatic, the Christmas shopping began this month. I know it’s not all about gifts but I do love seeing the look on people’s faces when you give them a present. It is far more rewarding than receiving one I think. Plus, the Christmas markets are now open in Vienna and I think this city has some of the best in the world. I’m yet to visit them properly this year but I’m setting myself a challenge to visit all of them here in Vienna before I head back to the UK for Christmas (and have a punch at each one of course!)

    I’m also building up quite a collection of Christmas market mugs
  8. Two weeks ago I went to a Scottish Ceilidh (KAY-LEE) evening at Vienna International School. It was such good fun and I was surprised to find I still remembered all the dances, but then when they’ve been drilled into you throughout high school every Christmas time (when they finally decide it’s too cold for outdoor lessons) I don’t think you ever forget them! Plus, some people were getting so tangled up and confused it added a whole new element of hilarity. As much as I love living here in Vienna, it’s nice to return to your own culture every now and then, even if it’s just for an evening of dancing!
  9. This is a bit of a different one because it’s not actually about me. My best friend Hayley who I met whilst on exchange in Canada back in 2015 has confirmed that she is headed off to Helsinki for three weeks as part of her teacher training practice. I know what it’s like to travel half way across the globe by yourself to a place you have never been before, so I can understand her nerves but let me just say, if anyone has to be a teacher, it’s this girl. If she can cope with me for a month traveling to various countries then she can most certainly handle a class of kids. I know this trip will be the making of her and I couldn’t be more proud. Plus how cool does a post entitled ‘Hayley in Helsinki’ sound!

    I love this photo, even if it does look like the flower is growing out of my hair
  10. Lastly, the perfect end to November was that it was also the first snow day of the year. Vienna awoke to a blanket of while covering the city and it was B-E-A-utiful! (Name that film!)

    I did’t have photos that did the snow justice so I found this one on the Vienna Insider facebook page which you should check out for more amazing pictures of Vienna

Yes, another month in the bag (even if it was late!) Now, bring on the best month of all; DECEMBER! *Starts singing Christmas songs* (Oh who am I kidding, I’ve been singing them for a month already!)


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