10 things to be happy and positive about – February edition

So you think these would be getting easier to write, but February was just one of those months. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s shorter, the general sluggish feeling I’ve faced quite often this month or if it has something to do with the -13 degree temperatures we have received these last few days, but I found it harder to compile my happy and positive notes this month. Well, things can only get better and it’s important to recognise that some days as just better or worse than usual and then move on.

So in the spirit of moving on and ending the year’s shortest month on a high, here’s February’s happy and positive post.

  1. 27912529_1790460030993926_978026616273809772_o
    Just hanging out on a giant ‘e’

    The biggest thing this month was a long weekend trip to Amsterdam with Nicole. Whilst the weekend did start of with some initial new place/lack of sleep anxiety (which was quickly cured with some herbal sleeping tablets and a lush bath bomb), it ended up being a pretty great weekend. Whilst we almost died numerous times trying to cross the street near a cyclist, the highlights have to be feasting on pancakes, climbing to the top of a giant letter ‘e’ in the IAMSTERDAM sign and visiting the Anne Frank House (for a all different reasons). I will have a blog post going up soon about everything we got up to in detail with many more photos, including the ‘before’ shot of how I actually climbed up that giant ‘e’ (I’ll give you a hint, it involved some difficulty!)

  2. I had another great meet up with Holly and chatted about all things U!Shine Vienna and her month long trip back to America. She is writing some great stuff about reverse culture shock at the minute that is both interesting and hilarious at the same time. Plus we met in the always adorable Cafe Little Britain which I swore blind I would never go to, but have since enjoyed many of their incredible breakfasts there.
  3. February is the month in which our school holds its annual school gala. It’s an evening of incredible music, dance and presentations and highlights just how much talent the students at this school have. It shows just how important an arts education is and how far a student can take their love of the arts should the people around them foster their talents and interest in it. I did shed a few tears watching my girls perform knowing I will have to say goodbye to them all in a few months time. Unfortunately I can’t post pictures of the event, but click the photo below that I took at last years event to watch the highlights.                                                                                                                 16665084_1411135265593073_8549298835748427223_o.jpg
  4. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be your own good news that can bring joy into your life. My two bestest buddies both received some awesome news regarding their careers and the next step recently and they were so happy it made me happy!
  5. My brother really cheered me up at the beginning of this month. He went to a comic con at which was James MacKenzie, the actor that plays Raven in the British children’s show of the same name. He recorded me a message using his popular catch phrases from the programme and after feeling particularly down, I was suddenly cheered right up! Enjoy this photo of the delightful James Mackenzie (playing Raven) and click here to watch the video.B-hDWvpIEAA32rr.jpg
  6. This one really is about the little things; I was really cheered up this month by CRUMPETS! My friend (who also used to working in this boarding house) came out to visit for the school Gala weekend and brought none other than a packet of crumpets to keep me going. A simple gesture, but to this Brit, it was the best!
  7. Whilst applying for job, internships and opportunities really has filled most of time this month, I have now managed to finally sort out my CV into a much more detailed and more compiled two pages of information, rather than my previous four pages of waffle that practically begged “please hire me, I’ll do anything”. I also set up my online portfolio this month which took a lot of hours, but I am so happy with the final result. Click the photo below to access it!                                                                                                                                                cropped-untitled-design1
  8. We had a good laugh this month when Nicole’s Christmas gift that I had sent early on in December to make sure it got to Edinburgh in time for Christmas day, turned up back at my address here in Vienna. I had honestly given up trying to work out what had happened to it. Turns out the address that I had taped onto the front had come off and who knows how far it had got, but they just sent it back. It was a good job I was going to see her in Amsterdam a few days later (it really did come back right in time), but not before I had a good laugh trying to guess my own clues on the gift tags to make sure I could take everything in my suitcase!
  9. Tuesday saw my first dance rehearsal for the staff dance at the school’s International Dance Festival. I haven’t properly danced since last years rehearsals, unless you count the mad moves I do to the Greatest Showman soundtrack in my towel after exiting the shower. We did a proper warm up, with cardio and stretches (the works!) before getting into the learning a really fun but may I say it, ridiculously fast (others might say ‘upbeat’) routine. I forgot how much of a good time I had doing it last year with a group of people who are equally as confused as I am, but laugh through it anyway. Click here to see last years dance! (I am the one in yellow on the very right at the beginning.)
  10. Every deserves a little bit of self praise every now and then, so I’ll allow myself one bullet point to do so. This post will be the third post on this blog this month, which if put in comparison to a) how short the month is, b) how busy I have been and c) my general feeling this month, I think is worth celebrating. I have also had some new ideas for much further down the line if I can keep this going far enough! This is finally about to be posted at 00.42am, but that still counts as the last day of February right?!


Apologies for the lack of content in this months post, but let’s face it; some months are just going to be like that.

For anyone else feeling the general sluggishness this month combined with the ever present worry that the amount you have to do does not equate to the amount of time in a single day; just remember:


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