10 things to be happy and positive about – March edition

First of all, yes I know it’s April but having just come back to Vienna after Easter break, I’ll allow myself a few days to get back into the swing of things.

Secondly; Happy Easter, Happy Spring Break, Happy Holidays and Happy Spring! There was a lot to be happy about this month so let’s get started!

  1. March saw the end of term two of Year 2 at Amadeus. I was SO ready for the break, probably due to the weather and the fact that even though it is the shortest term; it’s the only one without a break in between. I thought I would be really down writing about the end of term now that it’s over but actually coming back was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. This term is filled with dance festivals, graduations, outdoor activities and warmer weather so I’m looking forward to getting started!
  2. The first few days of the Easter break I spent down in London and whilst I was there I went to my favourite place; the Victoria and Albert Museum. I have been so many times and there is just so, so much to look at, but my favourite section is always the theatre and performance area which has something new to look at every time I go. I think I may have sat for about half an hour just looking at theatre programmes! However, whilst I was there they also had a temporary exhibition called ‘Winnie the Pooh: Exploring a Classic’. It cost an additional fee to enter the exhibition (the V&A is free to get into), but it was so worth it. It was such a joy to see a whole range of age groups from young children who were just starting to learn about Winnie the Pooh and have the stories read to them, to older people who had loved the stories when they were children and could remember the original versions. They had some of the original drawings and told in great detail how A.A Milne came to write the story. It was such a magical experience for me as I had a Winnie the Pooh bear, affectionately known as Pooh when I was little. He was one of my very first toys and he literally came everywhere with me and whilst he’s a little bit tattered now, I will never get rid of him.                                                                    sam_0010.jpg
  3. I managed to catch up with a fair few family members this Easter. I stayed with my cousin in London and saw her little boy just before his first birthday. My Uncle and Aunt were staying with my parents before they move into their new house. If anyone has ever seen the American TV show, Full House where the brother in law and best friend of a man move in with him to help him raise his kids, it often felt like that on some occasions. Whilst we did not see it coming that they would be there whilst I was home for the break, we did have a great laugh catching up and eating lots of cake! I also saw my brother extremely briefly for lunch before we headed to the airport to fly back out here and I had the chance to give him his 21st birthday present. Then speaking of family catching up, my Grandparents managed to catch up with my best friend Hayley whilst she is in Bournemouth at the moment. It is so funny that they got to see her sooner than I did, but it makes me so happy that they love her just as much as I do.                                                                          29955437_1746947498681982_29795833_o.jpg
  4. After flying back to Munich and then driving to Velden where we stayed for a few days before I headed back to Vienna, we made the most of being so close to the Slovenian and Italian border and did three countries in one day! Whilst it was a bit of a down pour and Easter weekend meaning almost everything was closed, it was fun to realise suddenly you were in another country and the hot chocolate in Slovenia and the Spaghetti Carbonara in Italy was so worth it!
  5. For Mother’s day this year and with my parents impending move to Austria, I thought I would give my Mum something slightly different. I had one of my extremely talented students create two beautiful prints with ‘climb every mountain’ and ‘bloom and grow’ on them. You may recognise these as the lyrics of two songs from the Sound of Music, which has always been so special to me and my Mum and so apt for the big step they are about to taking in moving to the beautiful country in which it was filmed. They’re far better than anything I could find on Etsy!                                                                                                                  30125924_1844958268877435_694730126_o.jpg
  6. I found an article shared by Ushine Vienna titled “How to enjoy your time alone when your friends live far away.” It was such an appropriate post for me and it was so interesting as this is something I have really struggled with since moving to Vienna. The article is from a site called EveryGirl and it has some great articles discussing careers, health, leisure and everything else in between relating to women’s lives. I spent almost the entire train journey from Villach to Vienna reading articles they had posted and they have some great ones I could completely relate to ie: five signs you need a mental break, ten ways to get healthier if you hate working out, the truth about travel anxiety (and how to overcome it!) and of course my favourite, 40 things you thought whilst binging Stranger Things 2.  They have some really great reads so check them out!
  7. This month I left the home that my parents have owned since I was eight years old. Whilst I thought it would not affect me, partly because I ‘moved out’ when I left for university and had only come back for holidays and summer breaks, and also due to the fact that there were a lot of difficult times whilst we lived there that I won’t go into, I was actually really, really sad to leave. Why has this made it onto my happy and positive list then? Because suddenly as I was packing up my boxes and realising that I was leaving for good this time, and suddenly all the happy, crazy and fun memories came flooding back. Like the the first time we went sledging, the ridiculous birthday parties I had (including an arts and crafts birthday affectionately known as the arty farty birthday or the gameshow party where everyone bought and wrapped up item and we had a blind auction in our living room), the time my Dad hung a buoy from one of the trees in the garden for a swing, the Christmas parties we held and the number of people that had made it to them over the years and of course, getting our dogs. It really reminded me that there was so many more positives than negatives living there and that if I could remember this part of life in that way, then I could use this to remind me later on that the bad stuff will pass and eventually will be forgotten about, but the good memories will always overpower them.                                                                                                 29595339_1838634192843176_3611941768606749244_n.jpg
  8. This month I also wrote my first blog post for a company. I reviewed the Thrive: Feel Stress Free app for Thrive Therapeutic Software. I really enjoyed using the app which aims to help prevent, detect and treat stress and metal health problems. Give the post a read and if you feel like downloading it there is a code at the bottom for a months free trial!
  9. I received the cutest package in the mail this month from Hayley who sent the most awesome tea flask and some of the most delicious teas! (She knows me well). I also got our sisterhood notebook back that we write things in and send back and forth (sisterhood of the traveling pants style). It’s my turn to write next although I think I’m going to keep it till after our next trip (which hopefully won’t be too long away) to send it.
  10. Last but not least and by far my favourite sentence to write; IT FINALLY FEELS LIKE SPRING. Today it was gloriously sunny, I went out in a t-shirt and it was divine. Let’s hope I have not jinxed it, because I smelt a BBQ today and now I’m so ready for sunshine and summer!

Let’s stay positive and get ready for all that April is going to bring!

20150312-Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.36.58 PM.png

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