10 things to be happy and positive about – June edition.

I would say “Wow, how is it June already?!” but as it turns out, it’s already July. I will get better at this and post somewhat close to the end of it’s designated month, but the end of June/start of July was crazy! Let’s get to it;

  1. At the start of this month we had a days sailing on the Danube with the girls from boarding. It was a lot of fun whizzing through the breeze and jumping in and swimming to the shore, but seeing our girls get soaked every time the boat changed direction was not funny at all. hillary clinton laughing GIF by Saturday Night Live
  2. On one of my days off this month I decided to go to a swimming pool to relax. I had felt slightly odd in the morning and during the course of the afternoon at the pool, I started to really not feel very well. As I was changing I suddenly felt very dizzy and sick and had to get help from the staff who gave me water and called an ambulance (after I passed out on a deck chair). I was given medicine via an IV drip at the hospital and felt a lot better after a few days. Anyway, this story is making it onto this list because a) with hindsight, it’s quite a funny story; only I could go to a pool to relax and end up in an emergency room instead and b) I got lot of love from people who had found out about my visit to the hospital that day. People sent me their well wishes and the girls all asked if I was okay the moment I walked through the door even if they did ask some hilarious additional questions about what had happened; “How did you hurt your arm?” (Seeing the very small plaster on it from the IV injection), “Did they use the sirens in the ambulance?”, “Did you float when you passed out in the swimming pool?”
  3. Animated GIF
    Yes, I made my own Gif…

    June marked the month of our school International Dance Festival. It’s an event the school puts on every year and each grade must learn a dance from a particular country or culture. Like last year, I signed up to do the staff dance and it was all going quite well until it came to having to learn how to do a handstand flip (essentially doing a handstand behind someone so they catch your legs and bring you over their shoulders as they squat). I managed it quite a few times without difficulty but in the final rehearsals before the event, I just could not manage to do it once, which started the pre-performance days nerves (reminding me of my high school show days in which I would panic about it and work myself up for weeks, yet when it came to actually doing the performance I was completely fine.) Well, the performance adrenaline kicked in and I did it, much to my own relief which apparently was very obvious due to my beaming face (that said “I never have to do this again…)

  4. Another school event this month was Sports Day! Looking back to my school sports days brings both joy and nausea. Primary school sports days were always a lot of fun; egg and spoon races, sack races, three-legged races, now this is my kind of sport! I remember it being so much fun. Secondary school sport’s day however…not so much. Laps of the field, javelin, shot-put and the high-jump; I could not imagine anything worse! I was never particularly fast, nor was I strong and I couldn’t throw or jump very high. I basically took my turn, didn’t make it to the next round (I’m sure there is a technical term that makes it sound less like X-Factor), then stood around waiting for everyone else to compete again and again until someone was crowned the winner. FUN. Give me the little kids races any day, and luckily as I help out with the primary years classes as an EAL assistant, I was tasked with helping out the primary years races. One of the youngest children in early years was particularly nervous and clung onto me, meaning I did every single race with her. My idea of a day on the field cheering and taking photos went out the window and I had the best day holding her hand whilst running the 10 metre race and jumping alongside her in the sack race.
  5. This month I treated myself to two gorgeous bracelets from Collective Journeys. This is a new company, but one that is growing fast. The idea behind it is that there is a bracelet that is released each month and money goes to a small designated charity. I purchased the May bracelet which benefits Harvest Home, a charity supporting homeless women and their babies and the June bracelet supports Project Q; a charity providing free haircuts to queer homeless youth in the hope it will provide them with some self-esteem. The colours of the beads on each bracelet incorporates colours that represent the charities; the June bracelet is rainbow colours to represent Pride and the July bracelet that has just been launched to support Swim with Mike; a sponsorship program for physically paralysed athletes is various shades of blue. The all fit together on your wrist due to the shape of them and they are visually stunning, plus they do so much good at the same time, I couldn’t help but make a purchase!SAM_1577.JPG
  6. These monthly lists are not just a place for my own happy and positive moments, I like to celebrate the good going on in the lives of others too and this month is no exception. In June, it was announced that my cousin Becky had made the Queen’s birthday honors list for her services as a Squadron Leader in the Royal Air Force. It was a surprise, but at the same time so well deserved.
  7. June was Pride month and in Vienna I decided to head out and check out the Pride parade, which was madness and joyous all at the same time. For a capital city, Vienna is usually pretty quiet, but boy did that all change when Pride came to town! I had such a great day, cheering on the floats, waving my flag (which I remembered I still had from Leeds Pride I went to last year) and singing along to some FABULOUS tunes. See videos from my Austrian Life highlight on InstagramImage may contain: Lydia Latham, smiling, standing
  8. Whilst I don’t want to jinx anything I am finally starting to feel a bit more positive about the future. It’s hard to see the light at the end of a tunnel when you are working in a very intense role and have nothing put in place for when you are due to finish, but I have been looking a possible next step and have been getting in contact with industry professionals who are actually really willing to help out and give advice!
  9. With it being project week in school mid-month and therefore the classes I help out with and the clubs I lead not running that week, I decided to get a way for a few days and visit my parents new house! It was so amazing to see it for real and not in pictures and it made it 100% real that they had actually moved here! I had such a nice relaxing time, even if the weather wasn’t so great (but then it was nice to escape the 30°+ temperatures of Vienna.) I didn’t particularly want to head back, but I am glad I did because at the end of June I officially….
  10. …finished my job at Amadeus and said goodbye to the girls that had become my sisters over the last two years. We had our final assembly, which of course I cried all the way through. Our girls go SO many certificates and awards and of course they all looked at me with utter horror every time I screamed their name out mid-cheer from the audience like the proud 23-year-old-mother-of-32-teenage-girls that I am. To make matters worse I then had to say goodbye to each one as they made their way home for summer. It was so sad to watch them leave, but I know I will go back and visit; most have asked if I will be there to see them eventually graduate which means I have to keep those dates in the diary for the next six years!

    Image may contain: one or more people and text
    The most adorable little gift and words from one of the girls I work with doing EAL (English as an Additional Language).


I should probably get on now (and maybe write the July H&P post so I’m not late again!), but as ever I always like to end with a quote that I find that is particularly inspiring and this month with all this sunshine we are having (but even if you are not), I leave you with this…

Wherever you go.png


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