10 things to be happy and positive about – July edition

Well it’s now August, so obviously that means it is time to write my July happy and positive list!

July went in the blink of an eye, so let’s see what’s been happening!

whoop raise the roof GIF by Steve Harvey TV

  1. In July I officially left Vienna for Villach. Vienna holds such a special place in my heart. It is such a wonderful city, and I have had the best two years there. It was so strange leaving, because it didn’t feel as if I was really going for good. Having said that I will be back to visit to see the students when I can, and of course I will use the time to have a wonder around that fabulous city once more.
  2. Staying in my Mum and Dad’s new house has been great so far. It has been the chance to properly relax, swim in the outdoor pool two minutes up the road, go for long walks, eat alfresco and get a bit of a tan (or get sunburnt, slap on lots of sun cream and sit in the shade for a few days, wait for it to turn slightly darker than my usual skin tone, then start the whole process all over again!)  Untitled1.png
  3. My good read for July was ‘Everything I know about Love’ by Dolly Alderton. It was a fabulous and funny read, telling the stories of some of the many relationships she has had in her later teens and twenties. It really will make you laugh out loud and cry all within a few pages and the moral of the stories is that no matter how much of a roller-coaster her relationships have been, her greatest relationships of all have been with her very closest of friends who always seem to be there with open arms, a piece of ridiculously-witty-yet-somehow-completely-obvious piece of advice, a glass of whatever spirit they have in the cupboards/fridge and ultimately the knowledge that they’ll always be there no matter what.                                                      Related image
  4.  This month I made the trip back across to the UK to attend an open day for a course with Creative Media Skills, which was at Pinewood Studios as this is where the course is predominantly based. It was incredible to be there, to see the giant water tank where they do underwater scenes and to wander around the lot. Apparently we just missed seeing John Boyega who left in a car just before we arrived, but the highlight would have to be seeing a full case of Oscar awards which I completely fan-girled over. It just made the dream even more real that I wanted to be a part of the creative industries and mix with these incredible creative people each day. Fingers crossed the application goes well then!!
  5. Unfortunately, my parents were only able to take one bed out to Austria with them and the new bed they ordered was only delivered last week, which meant when I went to stay I was on the sofa! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not too bad to sleep on, but for the first two nights in the UK I stayed in a wonderful hotel room in Amersham with a giant bed which was heaven! Of course it would have been nice if it wasn’t over 30 degrees, but with four giant pillows I had enough to keep flipping them to find the cool side! SAM_1844.JPG
  6. Since I am no longer attending Yoga classes, I have found a brilliant new resource in the form of ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ on Youtube. My parents have a Smart TV meaning I can put a Yoga mat out in the lounge and follow a session on the screen. I’m not a massive fan of tutorials that spend more time talking than actually showing you what to do, but Adrienne’s videos are such a good mix. She has such a sweet soul and is funny as well, which keeps you smiling as well as keeping me relaxed.Image result for yoga with adriene
  7. Spending time with Mum and Dad has its additional bonuses as my Mum is also a trained hairdresser. Free haircuts all round! I had it cut shorter which I have been wanting for a while now. Nothing makes you feel more summery than swishing your new chopped locks outside in the sunshine and feeling that breeze on your neck (obviously this is completely over the top because most of the time it was still too hot to wear it down but you get the image I’m going for!)
  8. Since finishing work, I’ve really got back into being creative. Almost every day I have sat doing some kind of painting, drawing or practicing brush lettering. It has been really relaxing and it has been so nice to sit out in the sun and just paint. I love completing a project as the whole process makes me feel so calm, but I also feel like I have accomplished something at the end of it. Untitled design (4).png
  9. As you may know I have been trying to get into production design since for a while and since finishing work, I have been on a mission to gain as much advice and opportunities lined up as I can. I already have a days work experience that I will schedule once I have moved back to the UK, and now two of the designers I contacted through an agency have replied to me saying I am welcome to give them a call which is so kind of them! I still feel like I am playing a waiting game to some extent but the determination hasn’t faltered yet!
  10. Since moving to Sachsenburg, we have been on some great days out. We visited the Maltatal Dam, where we did have a bit of a giggle watching both my Dad and my dog get scared looking over the edge and through the glass floor of the viewing platform. We also went to the Goldeck mountain which was a great walk for the dogs and a great chance to see the views and enjoy a Goulash soup from part of the way up! We also briefly took the dogs swimming in the Millstättsee which was so warm and I am looking forward to properly swimming in there with them in the next few weeks – especially now they have their doggie life jackets to help them swim better! Untitled.png


I hope you’ve enjoyed July’s happy and positive post. For anyone feeling a little low here’s a wee message for you;

motivational GIF by Chibird Much love,


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