10 things to be happy and positive about – November edition

Okay firstly, how is it December already?! I feel like it came out of nowhere…clearly considering it is now past the first week into the month and I’m only just getting around to writing my November post. November was another one of those months that had a lot of great moments to keep me feeling happy and positive. Just like I mentioned in my October post, I still have a way to go to build my positivity levels back to where they once were but then I have to remember that we can’t all be on top form all of the time.

So let’s get cracking with what’s brought me joy this month:

  1. Some people find it hard to believe when I tell them I have never been to a concert. I’ve been to a few small gigs, but nothing massive. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE music. I’m that person that sees life like the montage scene in movies. I use music for everything; dancing around the kitchen, to listen to in the background whilst writing or to put a smile on my face when I’m feeling low. The problem is that I like so many artists but am not a MAJOR fan of one singer or band in particular to spend money going to see them in concerts, but that all changed when the Spice Girls announced they were going on tour. (Well the Spice Girls minus Posh…) Along with my two best friends in the whole world, Hayley and Nicole, we just knew we had to get tickets. We had several screens open in different countries trying to get tickets for either Wembley or Edinburgh. Well after sitting in what felt like the longest queue ever (and literally sitting as I daren’t move incase I happened to get through whilst distracted) we got three tickets to see them in Edinburgh and I am SO CRAZY EXCITED! It will be a reunion for the three of us too and I can’t think of a better reason to meet up than to sing all their songs at the top of our voices.                 spice girls GIF 
  2. This month I also managed to get another weeks work experience with Twenty Twenty television production which was pretty cool. I got to help out the ‘First Dates’ team and run around Oxford Street buying some items for them and also assist the ‘House Through Time’ team and do some transcribing and research for them which was fascinating!                                                                                                      
  3. At the beginning of the month my cousin Becky appeared in the Strictly Come Dancing professionals dance in the opening of the Sunday 11th November show. (I realise saying ‘appeared’ makes it sound like she got lost wandered on stage…) She was chosen as part of a tribute performance to the RAF to mark its 100th anniversary earlier on in the year and also as part of the centenary of World War One. It was a really touching performance documenting and celebrating the women of the RAF. We were so proud watching her on the television and kept rewinding and rewatching it to take more photos and videos of her. Click here to watch the entire dance.                                                                                                                                   Image may contain: 3 people 
  4. This month I also got a brief visit from my Dad on his whistle stop trip back to the UK. He arrived mid-morning on a Saturday so we took him around the market and had some pub grub. He left the next day, but I had a nice breakfast with him on the Sunday which was a chance to have a catch up face to face with how things were going. It was so lovely to see him, even if it was brief and I’m excited to see both my parents again very shortly!                                                                                                                 
  5. My book recommendation for this month is ‘Women on the Frontline that fight Related imageback’ by Stacey Dooley. Stacey Dooley has made some incredible documentaries that really highlight some of the horrors people are facing around the globe. She is such a fiesty and incredible human being in the way she presents and tells these people’s stories and in her her book she speaks about these women’s hardships honestly, but also talks about them as humans. You can tell she really got to know the women and that makes us as the reader connect more with them and what they’ve been through and being inspired by how they continue to fight for their rights on a daily basis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  6. Sometimes when you’re feeling low, looking back on what you did a year ago or more on social media can sometimes makes you feel worse, but every now and then something crops up that really makes you smile, and for some reason or another this delightful picture was posted eight years ago, before I discovered tweezers or my brother discovered how to smile for the camera and it just really made me laugh. Perhaps this one should be framed for that very reason!                                                Image may contain: 4 people 
  7. One of my favourite BBC television series ‘Clique’ was back this month. I loved the first series last year. The storylines are fantastic and gripping, but also it is filmed in Edinburgh and watching it always brings back so many memories of living there. This year they also filmed the university library scenes in Queen Margaret University where I studied and also on Portobello beach about 15 minutes walk from my 4th year flat. It’s a must see for anyone who loves BBC dramas, but even more so if you want to play the Edinburgh Bingo game whilst watching it. (“Ooh I’ve been there/walked down that street/looked for books in that library/ate chips on that beach etc etc”)                                                                                                                                
  8. Just to prove she really is putting us Grandkids to shame, Becky also got her official commendation as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours List this month so were invited to the presentation However, to make the day 1000 times better her nephew Finn, who was dressed as Paddington Bear and wearing bright blue padded boots (affectionately known as his ‘space boots’) behaved extremely well at the start of the ceremony and then got a bit bored. He started dragging a bottle of champagne around in a gift bag that Becky had been given and then as soon as he caught sight of her at the front of the room, he was ran towards her. Sophie (his Mum and Becky’s sister held on to him as long as she could, but he wasn’t being held down! He legged it to the front of the room, right in front of everyone and stayed there for the rest of her presentation (and made it into all her official photos!). This is probably, no definitely, the highlight of my month!                                                                                                       
  9. The 13th November is also World Kindness Day and it was just a reminder that I have been shown such kindness by so many of my family and friends recently. I think without their support and people messaging me to check in with how I am doing these last few ‘down’ months would have been a lot worse and so whilst I appreciate them every day, I am grateful to them now more than ever. I tried my hand at some random acts of kindness by leaving Christmas cards in some books in a bookshop and buying food for some homeless people. They do say that helping others makes you feel better about yourself and I really found that this month.            
  10. And finally, the Christmas shopping officially started this month! I need to watch what I am buying as we have to take everything back in two suitcases but I just love finding things and imagining people’s reactions when they open them. It’s made it very real that I am heading back to Austria very soon for the festivities. Bring on the snow, skiing, my attempt at homemade mince pies and Austrian Christmas markets!

    Image may contain: sky, tree, snow, outdoor and nature
    I mean, just look at the snow there a few weeks ago. This is what I am heading for!

Another month written and only one more left in the year! I have no doubt that I will have plenty to write about for December, if I can sit down at my computer long enough to do it!

When I come around to writing these posts I sometimes feel like there’s nothing to write about or that whatever it is is insignificant. Yet, I write out this full list and post it feeling proud I’ve managed to do so and all those ‘little’ things add up to one big reminder that there are positive and happy moments in each month. Some months I have to look a little harder for what brought me joy, but I always find at least ten, and so I will end this months happy and positive post with quote that reminded me of this. Lots of little things add up to a whole lot of memories.
_Appreciating the small things is a big achievement_ (1).png

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