15 Christmas Questions

I wanted to do a little festive post this year and so when I scrolled through various blogs and listed some of my favourite festive questions. They’re great to use at Christmas parties if you need a game, conversation starter or ice breaker. It was actually quite a nice exercise to sit and answer them, to think back to past Christmases whilst getting ready for this year’s festivities.

I will put a list of them to copy at the bottom of this post, or here is a printable picture version that you can hang up or leave on tables if you wish.

15 Christmas Questions (1).jpg

  1. Getting or giving?                                                                                                             Giving. Always. There’s nothing better than watching someone open a gift you have picked out for them. I’m that person that will hear someone mention something they enjoy or wish they had and make a mental note. One time I even stored that mental note in the back of my mind for just over a year before giving someone the gift of something they had just happened to bring up in conversations months before. The look of “how did you know?!” was all the reward I needed.
  2. Real or fake? (Christmas Trees obviously!)                                                                    Real! I LOVE the smell of them. There’s plenty of festive smells; mulled wine, gingerbread and endless Christmas Candles that can recreate certain festive scents, but there’s nothing quite like the smell of a real Christmas tree (and I haven’t found anything that has been able to replicate it yet!) We have always had a real tree.  There was one year though that we bought our real tree from somewhere and, I kid you not, it was so spiky we could barely touch it, let alone decorate it. We basically threw them at it and moved it to the other end of the house and bought a better one. (There’s no way that tree with its knife edge needles and terrible decorations was going to be our tree that year). Growing up in Scotland we also had the slightly ‘unfestive’ Christmas tradition of, after taking the decorations off, cutting it up and using it for firewood. Oh country life!

    Us with our demon tree, my odd fashion choices and a facial expression I still use in photos
  3. What are your most memorable Christmas days?                                                                I think every Christmas is memorable, for very different reasons. Christmases as children were always special. Was it the soot footprints that led from the fireplace to our Christmas tree in our living room? Or making snowmen in the garden? Or spending it in Germany for the first time? There are so many great memories. The time my Dad popped the champagne cork and smashed the light right over our Christmas dinner has to be a hilarious memory. However skiing on the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany, has to be up there with the most adventurous Christmas day and obviously had the best views!
  4. What is your favourite Christmas film?                                                                                It has to be ‘The Polar Express.’ I just think it’s magical and my brother was obsessed with trains as a child so it we love stories featuring trains ( I cried when I saw the actual Hogwarts Express at the Warner Bros studios.) The animations are stunning and the music makes me cry every time. Ugh I love it so much. I’m off to watch it again…Image result for christmas quotes polar express
  5. What is your favourite Christmas song?                                                                            For me ‘Driving Home for Christmas‘ sung by Chris Rea, holds such a special place in my heart and has done since I left home for university. I would always play it going home for the holidays and it just puts me in the best mood.
  6. What makes Christmas special/What is the best thing about Christmas?                     When we lived in Germany and went to Service Children’s Education Schools, we knew a lot of people who often did not get to spend Christmas as a complete family as usually one of the parents were serving in the armed forces and were away over the festive period. It is this that always reminds me that it really doesn’t matter where you spend it, how much you spend or what you do to spend the time so long as it is spent with those that mean the most to you. As a family we like to go for a walk, have Christmas music playing and play silly games in the evening and I really thank my lucky stars that I am able to do so every year.
  7. What is your dream place to spend Christmas day?                                                             It sounds cliche, but I’d love to see New York over New Year and festive period. I know Christmas has become quite commercial, but I’d love to do it and feel like I was in a Christmas film just once. I’d also love to go to Lapland and visit Santa…
  8. What does Christmas smell like?                                                                                         Christmas, to me, smells like pine needles, candles and Glühwein (whether it’s from a German/Austrian Christmas market or we have made it at home it is always a must). This year it also smells like my attempts at Christmas baking; which if the mince pies are anything to go by, will turn out pretty good! (Fingers crossed!)

    Image may contain: christmas tree and plant
    Yes, they did have their very own photo shoot
  9. What does Christmas taste like?                                                                                                 Besides the Glühwein, lebkuchen, and eating advent calendar chocolates in multiples (because I always forget days), it also tastes like the food of the Gods: Roast Potatoes.
  10. What does Christmas sound like?                                                                                     Christmas music on the radio (previously being the dulcet tones of Terry Wogan on Christmas morning). It also sounds like the crunching sound of walking in snow, the swish of skiing down a mountain or the crackle of the log fire in the ski lodge where I’ve stopped for a Strudel.

    2014-12-25 13.37.28.jpg
    Christmas day 2014: On the Zugspitze!
  11. Are you a gift wrapping pro or absolute failure?                                                                  I guess I would say I am more of a pro than a failure. I somehow end up wrapping some of my brother and Dad’s gift for them each year. I do quite enjoy wrapping gifts, but I am not crazy. Christmas wrapping can often be too over the top in my opinion. It is just going to be ripped open after all!
  12. Do you have any Christmas traditions? (apart from chopping down the tree!)          We always try and go for a walk on Christmas day after breakfast. I love passing other families doing the same thing and everyone wishing each other a “Happy Christmas”. When we lived in the UK, for a few years we had a tradition in which we would all buy a gift for the other three members of the family from a charity shop. I’ve always quite enjoyed having a look round them anyway and so I always loved this tradition. Charity shops always have a great book collection or little trinket items that you an give someone. This year I have also discovered Unicef do wonderful gifts and so will be checking that out for future gift options throughout the year.
  13. Have you ever had a white Christmas?                                                                                    Yes! If it does snow you really have to get out in it; sledging, skiing, making snowmen. It’s just the best!

    Or just lie in it…
  14. What have you asked for for Christmas this year?                                                               I don’t usually ‘ask’ for things for Christmas or for Birthdays. There are a few things I have mentioned that if people wanted to get me a gift I would appreciate, but I’m never really bothered if people get me things or not.
  15. What is the best thing that has happened to you since last Christmas?                           I thought this was an interesting one because people close to me will know that if I am honest, I will be pretty glad to see the back of this year. There have been quite a few tears and stress, but that is not to say nothing good has happened. If you have read other posts on this blog, you’ll see that I try really hard to find the positives in every month and I have proven to myself that there are glimmers of light among the darkness. I would say some of the best things since last Christmas would be some of the amazing places I have visited. There was Innsbruck back at the beginning of the year, Amsterdam in February, then Hallstatt and also Venice for my 24th birthday. I have also felt the support of so many people this year, especially significant members of my family and I am so grateful to have had that around me. I am ending the year, so very ready for the next one, but feeling grateful for the people in my life in 2018.

macaulay culkin christmas GIF


So there you go. 15 Christmas Questions to learn a little bit about my Christmases. I’d love to know more about yours!

Here are the 15 questions below;

  1. Getting or giving?
  2. Real or fake? (Christmas Trees obviously!)
  3. What are your most memorable Christmas days?
  4. What is your favourite Christmas film?
  5. What is your favourite Christmas song?
  6. What makes Christmas special/What is the best thing about Christmas?
  7. What is your dream place to spend Christmas day?
  8. What does Christmas smell like?
  9. What does Christmas taste like?
  10. What does Christmas sound like?
  11. Are you a gift wrapping pro or absolute failure?
  12. Do you have any Christmas traditions?
  13. Have you ever had a white Christmas?
  14. What have you asked for for Christmas this year?
  15. What is the best thing that has happened to you since last Christmas?


Thank you to everyone who has followed and read this blog so far. I really appreciate it!

Have the most wonderful Christmas Day. Even if there is something or someone missing, I wish you love, happiness, good health and joy wherever you are in the world.

Much festive love,


Have the most wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy and joyous 2019

Header Background Photo thanks go to Toni Cuenca

Questions background photo thanks go to Joanna Kosinska

Happy Christmas message background photo thanks go to Erin Walker

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