Jean on her travels…

You may have seen me speak about this project before on the blog, but now I really wanted to get the ball rolling.

Jean on her travels‘ is a project that I started as a way of both documenting my travels and honouring my Grandmother.

So what’s story behind it?

When my Grandmother passed away a few years ago, the one thing I wanted was her bus pass. It seems a funny thing to ask for, but it was something she used almost every day. She would go into town most days to get her shopping, or to snoop around the charity shops. She was always sending me dresses she found in them! She loved to take us with her on the bus and I have a distinct memory as a child of going on the top deck of a bus, possibly for the first time, with her. On the day of her funeral, we ended up following the same bus she took very regularly on our way to the crematorium and it was like a nice final touch when saying Goodbye to her. I have carried her bus pass in my purse ever since and she has been with me wherever I go. She’s travelled with me to America, Canada and to many countries of Europe. She’s also lived with me in Scotland, Austria, Canada and Switzerland. It is my way of taking her on my journey.

Therefore, I decided to start taking photos of the bus pass in all different locations around the world in a project I’m calling, ‘Jean on her travels’. She’s been to so many places already and I think it will be quite fun to see where she will go next.

The first photo I took

I took the first picture of her card just before going to their airport to fly to Montreal, Canada. This was even before I decided to start this project. Fast forward to November 2017. I had been thinking about starting to take her photo in various places for a while and for some reason had never got around to it. However, I was at my cousin’s wedding and I suddenly remembered I had her card in my purse. At the wedding were photos of the friends and family members who had passed on and who the bride and groom wished could have been there to celebrate their special day. I think this is what reminded me of her card and so I took the first photo for the project at the wedding and with her eldest Grandson.

From then on it has become instinct to take a picture wherever we travel somewhere new, when we reach the top of mountain or beside a famous landmark. Her bus pass may never have travelled outside of Manchester, but it’s my aim to take her all over the world.

I’ve shared many of the photos so far on my Facebook page, but now I want to step it up a notch and so now, Jean’s got her own Instagram. (I laugh imagining having to explain Instagram to her!)

So if you want to see more, head over to her page and give it a follow. Who know’s where she will go next?

instagram GIF

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