When someone is described as being ‘all over the place’, it often has a lot of negative connotations.  When you search for a definition of the phrase, Collins English Dictionary define it as the following;

“If you say that someone is all over the place, you mean that they are confused or disorganised and unable to think clearly or act properly.”

Yet isn’t the world and often life a little ‘all over the place’?


HELLO! My name is Lydia, I am 24 and I have lived (and still do!) a little bit all over the place. Originally from England, my family moved to Germany when I was six where we lived for three years before moving to Scotland. I spent the next nine years living just outside of Inverness, beside Loch Ness, before moving to Edinburgh for university in 2012. Whilst there, I also did a five month exchange to Canada where I studied at Brock University, just outside of Toronto.  In August 2016, after graduating from Queen Margaret University in July 2016 with a 2:1 BA Hons in Drama and Performance, I then moved to Austria‘s beautiful capital to work for an international school that offers innovative music and arts education. I am now living Solothurn in Switzerland for seven months to work as an Au Pair! You can probably see why no-one can work out my accent (or lack of a specific one) and why “where are you from?” always poses a few difficulties.

I am passionate about both the arts and arts education. I strongly believe that arts subjects must be taught in schools and are equally as important as all other subjects. My dream is work with the art departments for films and television programmes.

I also love to travel and aim to see as much of this world in my lifetime as I can, all of it if possible! However, I also struggle a lot with anxiety and excessive worry and this has often tried to get in the way of some incredible experiences and adventures. Although it is tough at times, I have still managed to see and do some incredible things and I like to remember those times that I got through it, so that when it strikes again, I can use this knowledge to reassure myself that I am and will be okay.


So this is my blog. An account of me.

Someone who aims to live and travel ‘all over the place’,

but whose head can be sometimes be a little ‘all over the place’ too.

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So as I use this blog to recount;

  • the incredible places I go and the little gems I find in them,
  • the highs and lows of living abroad,
  • the journey to pursue a career in the creative industries and to prove that a drama degree isn’t useless,


  • the struggle with anxiety but how I’ve tackled it (so far!),

you may find that this blog will be a little ‘all over the place’ too…


I hope you like this blog and that you can use it in some way.

All my love,



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