Michelle Mock Photography-34HELLO! My name is Lydia, I am 24 and currently live in Austria, although am looking to move back to the UK within the next few weeks! Originally from England, my family moved to Germany when I was six where we lived for three years before moving to Scotland. I spent the next nine years living just outside of Inverness, beside Loch Ness, before moving to Edinburgh for university in 2012. Whilst there, I also did a five month exchange to Canada where I studied at Brock University, just outside of Toronto.  In August of last year, after graduating from Queen Margaret University in July 2016 with a 2:1 BA Hons in Drama and Performance, I then moved to Austria’s beautiful capital to work for an international school that offers innovative music and arts education. 

I am passionate about both the arts and arts education. I strongly believe that arts subjects must be taught in schools and are equally as important as all other subjects.

I also love to travel and aim to see as much of this world in my lifetime as I can, all of it if possible! However, I also struggle a lot with anxiety and excessive worry and this has often tried to get in the way of some incredible experiences and adventures. Although it is tough at times, I have still managed to see and do some incredible things and I like to remember those times that I got through it, so that when it strikes again, I can use this knowledge to reassure myself that I am and will be okay.

I hope you like this blog and that you can use it in some way.

All my love,


Header and profile image: Michelle Mock Photography