10 gifts to give an Expat

I have been living in the UK for a several months now after living abroad for a few years. There were a lot of things I had to get used to coming back; the change in language, culture and the cost of living were definitely some of the things I noticed the most. It has... Continue Reading →

Jean on her travels…

You may have seen me speak about this project before on the blog, but now I really wanted to get the ball rolling. 'Jean on her travels' is a project that I started as a way of both documenting my travels and honouring my Grandmother. So what's story behind it? When my Grandmother passed away... Continue Reading →

A weekend in Innsbruck

As my job is a live in position and I also support the students I work with, even when I am not scheduled to do so, it can sometimes be very hard to find time for myself. The girls know they can come to me if they need help or support and I feel respected because... Continue Reading →

Three days in Slovenia

**Please note: The trip including travel was actually five days in total and the three days mentioned are the three full days spent exploring and doing activities.** Half term. That little break for teachers and students to see them through to Christmas. My job requires me to still be 'working' over the half term in... Continue Reading →

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