Another update: Social Media!

There's another update happening over here on IAOTP! You will now see in the social media bar that I now have a Facebook link. This will have updates, videos and photos more regularly than on this blog. I have noticed recently that I am constantly thinking about keeping this updated, but as you know I... Continue Reading →

50 things that bring me joy

ONE: The smell of a steam train Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash TWO: Seeing people reunited at the airport THREE: Museum gift shops FOUR: The peacefulness of an empty church FIVE: Singing in the shower in the morning to a really great song (I really recommend the 'songs to sing in the shower' playlist on spotify)  ... Continue Reading →

A weekend in Innsbruck

As my job is a live in position and I also support the students I work with, even when I am not scheduled to do so, it can sometimes be very hard to find time for myself. The girls know they can come to me if they need help or support and I feel respected because... Continue Reading →

A little update…

So it seems a little strange to be posting about updates when I'm barely just beginning. As I work full time, it is not possible for me to keep to set days in terms of when I post. To be honest, I like to write at my leisure anyway because I don't just want to... Continue Reading →

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