15 Christmas Questions

I wanted to do a little festive post this year and so when I scrolled through various blogs and listed some of my favourite festive questions. They're great to use at Christmas parties if you need a game, conversation starter or ice breaker. It was actually quite a nice exercise to sit and answer them,... Continue Reading →

Another update: Social Media!

There's another update happening over here on IAOTP! You will now see in the social media bar that I now have a Facebook link. This will have updates, videos and photos more regularly than on this blog. I have noticed recently that I am constantly thinking about keeping this updated, but as you know I... Continue Reading →

50 things that bring me joy

ONE: The smell of a steam train Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash TWO: Seeing people reunited at the airport THREE: Museum gift shops FOUR: The peacefulness of an empty church FIVE: Singing in the shower in the morning to a really great song (I really recommend the 'songs to sing in the shower' playlist on spotify)  ... Continue Reading →

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